Bible Tabs Marble 2338

Bible Tabs Marble 2338

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Bible Tabs Marble 2338

These adorable clear tabs have all 66 books on them. You can add them to the side of your bible for a super cute page marker :) These are one-sided so they will only show up from the front, not the back.

These tabs are .5" wide and peek out .42" from the edge or you can make them even smaller by applying them back further to stick out less * minimum stick out length is .15" (height of the font).

♥ You will receive 1 set


Each tab has a little notched cut out in the middle to help them fold over evenly. The best way I've found is to stick them down on the front of the page first, then with 2 fingers gently fold it over so that the bottom of the sticker crosses over and sticks to the other side of the page and then press it together. Be sure to take your time and line them up with the previous tab to get a uniform spacing.

The adhesive on these is pressure sensitive so be sure once folded over you go over the tab with a credit card to really smooth down both sides and get maximum adhesion.

I have found that the easiest way to get them even is to pick a spot on the tab (mine was the bottom of the text) and line that up with the edge of the page, this will give you a very even placement of them sticking out of the Bible.

Unfortunately due to the differing sizes and width of many Bibles, we don't offer a template as each Bible will all be slightly different from one another.

You can order multiple sets and we do NOT charge extra postage for each additional. They are perfectly sized to fit in all sizes of TN's including Foxy Fix, Chic Sparrow and Midori Travelers Notebooks!

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