Cash Envelope Box Acrylic CashBox, Budget, Cash Stuffing Custom Box

Cash Envelope Box Acrylic CashBox, Budget, Cash Stuffing Custom Box

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Introducing our sleek and stylish Acrylic Cash Box, the ultimate solution for staying organized with your cash envelopes and cash stuffing. This stunning Clear Desktop Acrylic Box is not just a functional tool, but a gorgeous addition to your desk decor that makes budgeting a breeze.

Check out out ADDON dividers where you can customize the divider tabs text!

Addon Dividers

With 5 acrylic dividers for the 5 main budget sections including Bills, Personal, Household, Entertainment, and Savings, you'll have all your financial bases covered. Plus, each main category can be further subcategorized with our clear envelopes or your own, ensuring that you have complete control over your budget.

But that's not all! You can easily label your subcategories with our sticky tabs or our acrylic floating tabs, creating a clean and seamless look that's sure to impress. And with each cashbox handmade in our studio with care and love, you know you're getting a high-quality product that's built to last.

But we don't just stop there. If you're looking for custom dividers, we can create those for you for an additional fee of just $15. Simply message us before you order your custom set, and we'll set up a personalized listing just for you.

So whether you're a budgeting pro or just getting started, our Acrylic Cash Box is the perfect solution for keeping your finances organized and under control. Get inspired with our list of categories and subcategories, and start taking control of your financial future today!


  • Acrylic Cash Envelope Box
  • Acrylic Cashbox Dividers, set of 5: Bills, Personal, Household, Entertainment, and Savings (these will arrive with protective backing paper, just peel to reveal the clear dividers)

✨ Here are some category examples✨

πŸ’° Housing (rent/mortgage, utilities, maintenance)
πŸ’° Transportation (car payments, gas, insurance, maintenance)
πŸ’° Groceries
πŸ’° Dining out
πŸ’° Entertainment (movies, concerts, sporting events)
πŸ’° Travel (flights, hotels, activities)
πŸ’° Clothing
πŸ’° Personal care (haircuts, cosmetics)
πŸ’° Gifts (birthdays, holidays)
πŸ’° Charitable donations
πŸ’° Education (tuition, books, fees)
πŸ’° Insurance (health, life, disability)
πŸ’° Taxes (income, property, sales)
πŸ’° Savings (emergency fund, retirement)
πŸ’° Debt repayment
πŸ’° Investments
πŸ’° Pet care (food, vet bills)
πŸ’° Hobbies (craft supplies, sports equipment)
πŸ’° Childcare
πŸ’° Miscellaneous (unexpected expenses, small purchases)
πŸ’° Gym or fitness memberships
πŸ’°Household supplies (cleaning products, paper towels, toiletries)
πŸ’° Home Improvement
πŸ’° Lawn and garden care
πŸ’° Professional development (conferences, courses)
πŸ’° Office expenses (supplies, equipment)
πŸ’° Medical expenses (prescriptions, doctor visits)
πŸ’° Car maintenance and repairs
πŸ’° Medical expenses (prescriptions, doctor visits)
πŸ’° Health insurance premiums
πŸ’° Life insurance premiums