Color Snap Matte Black A5 30mm Planner Ring Mechanism

Color Snap Matte Black A5 30mm Planner Ring Mechanism

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Color Snap Matte Black A5 30mm Planner Ring Mechanism

This is an A5 ring mechanism that can easily be installed into any planner that has screw in rings. They are 30mm. 

Simple Instructions to Switch Out Your Legacy Rings for Color Snap Rings:

  1. Regular or flathead screwdriver required: unfasten the existing Legacy planner ring screws using the regular or flathead screwdriver, 2 screw locations and place these original screws aside.
  2. Take your Color Snap Rings and 2 color matched screws and align the new rings over the existing screw posts in your Legacy planner.
  3. Assemble the Color Snap color matched screws onto the screw posts of the Legacy planner using a flathead or regular screwdriver. Tighten only as needed and be sure to not overtighten the screws as this could strip the screw threads.
  4. That's it - You're done! Place the original rings into a bag along with the original screws for safekeeping.

The Color Snap Rings from for the Legacy Planner by Planner Press include:

  • Color Snap Ring binder set;
  • Color matched screw hardware for mounting to the Legacy Planners;

♥ You will receive 1 RIng Mechanism and 2 Screws

You can order multiple sets and we do NOT charge extra postage for each additional.

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