Quadrant Planning Dashboard V432

Quadrant Planning Dashboard V432

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Quadrant Planning Dashboard V432

This dashboard utilizes the Eisenhower matric system of planning out your tasks. Use with any 2x2 sticky note for a cute reusable option.

Quadrant 1 – Important, Urgent: Crisis Management
Tasks in this quadrant are Important and Urgent that deals with the crisis. Work produced here is low quality as decisions and solutions are made in haste (due to time limitations).

While getting these tasks done provides instant gratification, this quadrant gets bigger and bigger until it consumes us leaving us drained and burnout without significant contribution to our goals.

People who spend a lot of their time in this quadrant jump from one situation to the next fooling themselves into believing that it will go away once they attend to it.

Quadrant 2 – Important, Not Urgent: Plan for the future
While it’s not possible to completely avoid crisis, carefully planning work that aligns with long-term goals while taking risk and other factors into account will involve less crisis creating a self-perpetuating cycle that will free up more time to do forward-looking work.

Our natural tendency is to deal with the urgent while delaying important work. Spending more time in this quadrant will require exercising control as it will be the biggest driver in achieving significant results and creating value for the organisation and its people.

Quadrant 3 – Not Important, Urgent: Delegate to create Win-Win situations
People with short-term focus who act out of priorities defined by others can feel out of control as they need to execute on others expectations. Such people make mistakes as they treat not important work also as important and execute as though in quadrant 1.

To separate important from not important requires careful examination, understanding and setting your own priorities.

Tasks in this quadrant are perfect candidates to entrust your team with more responsibilities and empower them to make independent decisions. Delegating work in this manner will not only free up your time to do work that requires careful planning (quadrant 2), but also establish trust with your team members creating a win-win situation at work.

Quadrant 4: Not Important, Not Urgent: Declutter your work
Separate work that’s useful and will truly add value from the one that tricks you into feeling important by keeping you busy (not important, not urgent). Once you have clearly separated it out, apply konmari method and declutter your work.

Learn to say no to tasks (first to yourself and then to others) that are not urgent and not aligned with the goals of your team and company. These not important, not urgent tasks are time wasting efforts that can abdicate you from providing true value to your organisation and your people.

♥ You will receive 1 Vellum Dashboard (comes blank with no sticky notes)

You can order multiple sets and we do NOT charge extra postage for each additional. They are perfectly sized to fit in all sizes of TN's including Foxy Fix, Chic Sparrow and Midori Travelers Notebooks!

* Printed colors will vary from what you see on a computer monitor as well as the paper type chosen. Colors appear more vibrant on glossy paper as it behaves more like photo paper for color saturation.

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